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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look What the Wind Blew In

I'm having one of my insomnia nights and the weather doesn't make it much better. Tonight the wind is blowing so hard it sounds like a train is rolling by the house. And once again, just like every time it's windy, we are keeping an eye on our trees. We have huge Eucalyptus trees along our driveway. We already had one come down a few storms ago. So we are wary.
Tomorrow will most likely be a very busy day. The days following storms usually are. Fences blowing down. Gates being blown open. Trees and branches breaking fences. This tends to increase the loose dog calls. Dogs who are left outside either are terrified by what has happened, or are just taking advantage of the opportunity to explore new territory. Most are the frightened ones.
We can only hope that they are wearing current licenses, tags or current microchips. If they don't have any id they will make the trip to the shelter.
Better yet, keep them inside the house or garage during stormy weather.
When I was at the shelter impounding my 3 dogs today, I was having to search for an empty kennel. So was Officer 472. He also had 3 dogs to impound. It's very frustrating to have to walk the entire kennel looking for an empty kennel to put a dog away. And when you have a dog that needs to go into protective custody or quarantine and there are no kennels? Not good.
The shelter will be open tomorrow. Hopefully the shelter will have empty kennels by the time us officers roll in with out impounds.


  1. hope its not too crazy of a day (but whom I kidding!) and there are many adoptions to happen today in order there to be some more space for the incoming pets! Better idea more ppl need to snuggle with their dogs when the weather is this frightful! Save on heat! just kidding but mine all keep my warm and toasty at night.

  2. Sounds like a three dog night to me!

  3. I found you on Twitter--good blog! Your perspective as an ACO is especially interesting.