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Thursday, November 28, 2013

One Year Later - Remembering Roy

It's hard to believe that it's been one year to the day since the murder of my fellow ACO and friend, Roy Marcum (463). On November 28, 2012, Animal Control Officer Roy Marcum was shot and killed in the line of duty.
Roy is with us in the reports he has written, in the paper work on file. Images, smells and noises trigger memories. He's in the stories we tell. Or retelling one of his. There are moments of sadness, when you know the person who you knew had the answer to your question is not longer there. We remember when we slip on the extra 8-10 lbs of our new protection vests at the beginning of our shift. He's with us when we strap on the new "non-lethal" pepper ball launchers. Officer Safety now takes a higher priority than before. We remember him when we pull up in front of a house, especially when the call out is for a foreclosed home. There is still anxiety as we approach a front door. We see certain dogs that will remind us of the tender way Roy had with a certain dog. I remember seeing Roy often at the end of his shift in a kennel offering treats, sweet talk and often scratching the ears of some scared and shy dog. Giving comfort. Making friends. Just being Kind.
Yes. Roy is still with us. His legacy is to increase Officer Safety for ACO and Humane Officers, not just here in our own department, or State, but Nationwide and world wide. Roy's legacy has united many more ACOs/HOs with each other in comradery and friendship than ever before. Opened up the exchange of ideas, imformation, concerns and support. There are so many good things that have come from and continue to come from Roy. But it's bittersweet. I would just rather have my friend back.


  1. You are so missed Roy. You left a hole to big to fill. Hugs to every life you touched.

  2. Thank you for reflecting the many ways that Roy touched so many lives. "Stay Safe"