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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unhappy Week After 4th of July..COME GET YOUR PETS!!!

It never fails. No matter how many warnings, TV News, e-mails, word of mouth, what ever, the week after the 4th of July is the worst for Shelters and Animal Control workers. You can bet that all across the country Shelters are at maximum overload with pets that were terrified by the "festivities". Many also find their way into the care of kind strangers. And many are not so lucky.

I don't even know the numbers of how many dead dogs have been picked up this week so far. And the number of dogs that are at the shelter right now is staggering. Normally we have 1 to 2 to a kennel. Right now there are 2-3 in large dogs and 4-6 in small dogs. I don't think there are any empty kennels.


And of these dogs how many have some form of ID? Maybe 20%? That's pretty dismal. So we can't even contact the owners to COME GET YOUR PETS!

We try to justify the reason why so many obviously owned animals are still at the shelter is that maybe, just maybe the owners are still out of town on vacation? Of coarse this then leads to more questions.

You can drive yourself crazy with questions.


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