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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sights that Make you go....whoa

I got a call for an 803 (Aggressive At Large). A pit bull was reported to be roaming a neighborhood and dentist office parking lot barking growling and charging people.
Sooo, I got to the reported street and start looking.
There he was, a white and tan Pit bull.
But wait, his tail was tucked between his legs and...what was that??
He was running away from something.
Something was chasing him!
From behind a car parked on the curb comes Mr/Ms Slightly Over-Weight-Fur-Fluffed Tabby and White CAT.
Of coarse I grab my catch pool and jump out of the truck thinking I'm going to have to save Tabby from the jaws'o death (no offence to pittie lovers). But Tabby has the situation under control. Tabby continues stalking straight at Mr Pit bull determined to keep Bad Boy off Tabby's Territory.
Whoa Whoa Whoa Kittynator, I'll take it from here!
Mr Pit bull sees me, starts barking then looks at the cat and runs down the street. Tabby watches from the middle of Tabby Territory (front lawn) to make sure the offender has left, then sits down and daintily lifts a paw to begin grooming. Pit bull wrangling is such dirty work.
My jaw was hanging down for most of this exchange. I finally snapped to and chased Mr.Pit bull home to his house. He did stop to pee on the tire of a truck in front of his house. But then he saw me again and with a snarl and bark took off through the gate someone had left open and I heard the sound of a doggie door. And he was safely inside his house giving me what for from behind the safety of his living room window.
I pulled the gate shut and made sure it was latched. So, I wrote up a Notice, PLUS, taped a Admin Cite (no owner name or signature needed ha ha) for At-Large, Unlicensed, Unneutered (that was OBVIOUS), and unvaccinated. About $600 in fines. Have a Nice Day. Thanks for the Assist Kittynator.

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