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Friday, June 17, 2011

Angry Homeless and Stinky!

I'm not sure if it's the temperature rising, the full moon, or a combination of both, but it sure seems to bring out the freaks, the jerks, and the crazies. and when your really lucky, you get all three wrapped into one stinky package!
I was in the back of the shelter trying to end what was a crazy busy day. I was able to complete 18 out of 25+ calls. The calls never seemed to end today. I was just getting ready to put a cat away when I heard over the radio, the front desk needing security ASAP. It was a few minutes after closing and this wasn't a good indication. I put the cat down and started heading down the hallway to the front of the shelter. Then I heard over the shelter intercom an urgent request for any and all ACOs to the front lobby. I stepped it up and ran the hallway to the lobby doors. Over my radio as I entered the lobby, I could hear the subject's description being given to Central Dispatch. It was here that I rounded the corner and saw the subject, and heard the subject ranting at the adoption counter. He had on ripped clothes, long scraggly hair and beard and a wild look to him. He was also prodding the floor with a 4 foot surveyors stake. As I got closer his smell overpowered the skunk smell that I had linger on me. SJ (StinkyJames as he was later dubbed) was demanding his dog back. 460 arrived just before I had and we apparently were the only ACOs in the building. All the "guys" has already left. Female Power! Everyone handled the situation very well, SJ was ranting about his dog. He was demanding his dog. He wasn't leaving the building without his dog. Not gonna happen. SJ's dog was impounded last night for attacking a woman's dogs and biting her in the process. SJ's bad dog was staying with us for at least 10 days.
The security guard showed up, but he wasn't much help. Yes, I understand that their primary purpose is to observe and report, so why did they send him FIRST before Sheriff showed up. We were observing and reporting just fine. Seriously, but I have issues with this one guard because he had a hissy fit when I had the sally port door open to REMOVE my truck from the sally port. He was flipping out that he didn't have a key to lock it...really dude how am i suppose to pull a truck out with the door locked? Ok I should be over that now. I'm just saying I don't have a secure feeling with this particular guy.
SSD finally showed up, after SJ is ranting about how he's going to do $40,000 worth of damages, and that we have a lot of windows, and that every day that he doesn't get his dog, we are going to have to have a contractor out. Oh, and he's going to come back and kill our supervisor.
SSD got him to leave the building, it took the Deputy a little convincing but he finally went outside. Another SSD showed up and they talked to SJ for awhile. 460 remembered this SJ from a few months back. He camped out in front of our shelter for 3 days wanting his dog back, harassing everyone that came with animals to drop off and actually was trying to take animals from people. Turns out that time his dog wasn't even at our shelter, it was at the City's shelter. So we had previous history with this guy and him not leaving.
SJ was told to leave and a Trespassing Order was issued. SJ still didn't leave immediately. The deputy even asked if he could see his dog so they could deal with him to leave. I told the deputy, No Way. The dog is in Quarantine for Biting. We are not going to bring out a dog that is on quarantine for biting and we are certainly not going to let SJ back in the shelter. Sure let's show him right where to go when he breaks into the shelter to steal his dog back! No deal.
Well, after all was said and done, SSD rolled away while SJ wandered over to the dog park. I saw him talking to someone who was just pulling in, then he walked up to another park visitor. He then pulled open one of the dog park gates and left it open.
Really frustrating to see him doing this and not being able to do anything. After the threats he made against the shelter and staff, SSD just leaves him to wander the shelter property. Our staff was safe though. That was our number one concern. I had to get back to unloading and putting my animals away. I had 15 minutes left of my shift and at the least 45 minutes of processing to do. Paperwork would have to wait.
I called 465, who was on swing and gave him a heads up about SJ. Turns out 465 is the officer who impounded the dog last night! I got the story from him. SJ and his dog were at a "stop-n-rob". Victim and her two dogs were walking by on leash. SJ dog was not on a leash and chased down and attacked the victims dogs. Victim got bit trying to get her dogs away. SJ was drunk an belligerent so SSD was called. And 465 was called. SSD arrived first and SJ dog tried to bite SSD, nice. So SSD put SJ and dog in squad car. When 465 arrived SJ was given the option to be cooperative and put dog on truck. SJ decided to be even more belligerent and refused. SJ and dog had to be forcibly removed from the back of the squad car. SJ tried to fight with SSD, that never goes well. So SJ ended up going to jail for being Drunk and Disorderly as well as Resisting arrest. Dog got to go to doggie Jail.
And now who knows, he may be lurking in the bushes of the shelter. Guess we will see what happens tomorrow.

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