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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where'd You Go?

Where oh were did that ACO go? Oh where oh where can she beee?
Well, it's been a busy beginning of the year, both personally and professionally. I hope to return soon with more interesting topics. I am also contemplating the future of this blog.
In the mean time I have to share something that happened to a co-worker, 460. Hopefully I will get the details right.
I have mentioned 460 in several of my stories.
Well, 460 called me up the other day, she HAD to tell me what had happened to her. She had a call for a loose dog, nothing bad, not aggressive, just running loose. I can't remember if she had to catch it or if it was confined for pick up when she got there. Anyway, she goes and get this dog. She's walking back to her truck to impound the dog when she hears, "Meow". She stops and looks around and the dog is looking around too. She didn't see anything so she starts heading for the truck again. "ME-OW!"
There it was again. This time the dog looked up in a tree, so 460 also looked.
Sure enough there was the source of the "Meow". A cat up a tree. 460 starts talking to the cat, but remembers she still has the dog. She takes the dog to the truck and puts it in, then she grabs her catch pole and returns to the tree. She talks to the cat as it teeters on a thin branch, it talks back to her, seemingly frantically meowing at her. 460 said that the cat wasn't up too far, but the cat just seemed frantic to get out. So she used her catch pole to help lower the cat back down to the ground. She released the loop and the cat sat there for a moment. "Go on kitty, you safe now." The cat looked at 460 then bolted back up the tree.
Seriously!! And at the beginning of her telling me about this I had JOKED that the cat ran back up the tree.
Stupid cat.
Or are they? 460 and I contemplated this. Maybe this was a ruse, some kind of cat humor. The cat's buddies are hiding in the bushes laughing their little cat laughs and waiting for the next gullible hairless two-legger to wander by.
Think about that next time you look at your cat.

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