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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to The Field

For about the last month and a half I have been "sitting it out". Actually I've been more of my supervisor's paperwork grunt. But as of today I am going back to full doodie...errr Duty!

I was on light duty for a knee injury. Not job related, thankfully that would have been a huge hassle! Nope just the ravages of time catching up to my body.

I have been declared sound enough for duty and not in danger of having a true blow out of the knee. So While I am still feeling the pain, I know that it's just going to take time to heal completely.

So that is why my posts have been a little light. After being on the computer all day for the past few weeks, I've been loosing brain cells I think.

Well, I'm feeling much better now and am going to bring on the stories like I keep saying I'm gong to do!

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