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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy Pigeon Lady and the Hawk

What it is about animals that brings out the complete NUTJOB Crazy coocoo bird in people? I will Never know. Just the way to start off a day, with crazy people. Sometimes it sets the tone of the whole day.

So the complaint is a lady is feeding pigeons and they are dying.

I get the pleasure of meeting this treasure of a human being who's first words to me are "Whaaaaado YOU want?!"

I go about explaining the problem and this only makes MzPigeonLady mad. She suddenly goes on a tirade,"They will starve if I doesn't feed them. No there aren't any dead pigeons on my patio and NO you can't look. None of your damn business what's on my patio. Take me to jail, I'm going to sue the county for discrimination against disabled people. I'm gonna feed the pigeons if I damn well please. Pigeons don't GET Wes Nile virus, some one told me so! your wrong! Fine take an old disabled lady to jail, just lock me up and throw away the key!"

Um, all I was trying to do was advise her of the complaint and warn her of the 60 Diseases that Pigeons can carry and transmit, many of which can affect people.
Ya, 60!

I didn't believe it either until I did a little research. I knew about Salmonella, Lice and Mite. But there are a whole lot more that are a hell of a lot nastier. E.Coli, Encephalitis, A coccidia strain that I can't think of the name right now. But some pretty serious stuff. I knew they were dirty nasty birds, but wow.
Oh and by the way, YES, they CAN GET West Nile!

Anyway, after her screaming tirade at me, her next door neighbor, who is also the complaining party came out. They proceeded to get into a shouting match with me between the two. I calmly asked the neighbor to go back in his house so I could finish my business there. He was nice enough to comply, after calling her a few last choice names.

Last thing I told her was to just please stop feeding the pigeons. She ended up telling me to have a Merry F'ing Christmas and slammed the door. I did speak the the management and this "lovely" woman is apparently a big problem. And not just about the birds. I advised the manager to call APS and Code Enforcement and gave her the appropriate numbers the call. I also spoke to code enforcement myself. This woman obviously has issues. Crazy.
The manager called back later. Apparently MzPigeonLady isn't too disabled in her wheelchair. After I left she went out to the store and got several large bags of bird seed. She then spread them around the parking lots. Nice.

Ok, so the Hawk. Now this was cool! Got a call about a injured hawk.

Reported to be a Red Tail which are UBERCOOL! I have picked up one of these before, injured. Get to the call and it's a little guy.
Still VERY cool.
Most likely a Cooper's Hawk.
This bugger doesn't want to be caught. He's got a broken wing and can't fly, but boy can he run. He didn't want to fall into the canal, smart bird, and neither did I, smart officer. So I pushed him towards a stand of bamboo. With the help of the finder and a couple neighbor boys I was able to get him in the net and then wrap a towel around him. So he'll be heading to Wildlife care to get fixed up and hopefully released.
I did have an idea. How about asking him to be released in MzPigeonLady's complex? Hawks LUUUUVE pigeons. Yummm tasty. That would definitely solve the pigeon population problem.

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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Take the Cooper's Hawk to the pigeon place. He'll fix it up quickly, for sure.
    I used to have cockatiels in an outside aviary and would get a Cooper's sitting in the tree staring at them. One day I walked out there when he was on a low branch, about my eye level. He just sat there and stared at me. Their gaze is impossible to describe. I walked up to 3 to 4 feet from him and he just stared at me, unmoving.