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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Am Your Animal Control Officer

I Am Your Animal Control Officer (by Kelli Bramlett, ACO)((not me btw))
(This was a handout given at one of our mandatory Compassion Fatigue Workshops, it says a LOT about who we are and how we feel.)

I am your animal control officer. I am not the dreaded "dog catcher" or "murderer" you call me. I am not the one who allows your pet to roam the streets, to contract diseases from either free-roaming animals, to be hit by passing motorists or poisoned by rotting garbage.
I am the one who must look into those sick, pain-glazed eyes, try to remove the animal without causing it further pain and then humanely "put it to sleep" to put an end to its suffering.
I am not the one who allows your pets to breed, then dumps the unwanted puppies and kittens on roadsides and in shelters. I am the one who must find the tiny animals before they die of starvation, exposure, or disease and as an act of mercy exterminate them. It HURTS ME to be forced to kill hundreds of thousands of animals each year, but because of your irresponsibility. I have no choice.
I am not the one who abandons unwanted animals on farm roads, telling myself some friendly farmer will take them in and give them a good home. But I am the one who must pick up the frightened animal as it waits in vain for its beloved master, wondering why it has been abandoned. I am the one who must help that friendly farmer trap, tranquilize or kill that animal because it has begun to roam in packs with other abandoned hungry animals, killing livestock, fowl and game.
I am not the one who breeds and fights dogs in the name of “sport”. But I am the one who fights the breeders and participants and must pick up the dead and dying animals left behind.
I am not the one who keeps a pet confined in an area too small, without food, water, shelter or exercise. But I must deal with the irresponsible owner who does.
I am not the one who refuses to spend time and money to keep up regular inoculations that all pets require. But I am the one who must pick up the sick animal that is dying of a preventable disease.
So remember, the next time your child is bitten by a strange dog, your trash is dumped and scattered, your pet is lost, stolen, poisoned or hit by a car, it is the animals control officer you call...not the “dog catcher.”
The next time your pet is picked up, or you are cited for neglecting or abusing it, remember, I am only trying to get you to fulfill your responsibility to your pet, your neighbor and yourself.
Don’t scorn me. Respect me, for I am the product of your irresponsibility.
I love animals, and I care.

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  1. OMG! This is so great. I love it. It is so true and important for everyone to know and see. I posted this on my FB site so that everyone can cross post and help get rid of the stigma animal control has. We definitely need to change the way media portrays animal control - esp to children!!! Think about all the movies there are where AC is the big bad dog catcher just waiting to put a dog to death and where it is their fault and not the owners. Ugh!! Thank you for posting this emotional blog!!!